US DOC decision on Chinese PV imports delayed again


The new deadline, by which the DOC will reach a preliminary decision on whether to impose import duties on Chinese-made photovoltaic modules, has been moved back to March 2.

This is the second time the DOC has postponed its deadline. Originally, it was supposed to have come to a decision on January 12. However, on January 4, it announced that the date would be changed to February 13.

Commenting, Gordon Brinser president of SolarWorld Industries America, said, "The Department of Commerce requested SolarWorld to ask for this brief additional extension to allow Commerce sufficient time to conduct a comprehensive investigation and to complete a thorough and fair analysis of the subsidies at issue." He added, "Commerce also has been hampered by slow responses from the Chinese respondents."

In terms of the anti-dumping part of the case, Commerce is set to reach a decision in mid-April.