PV projects worth 20 MW announced in Greece


The two companies previously worked together to install a 1.5 MWp system in Greece in 2011. Continuing their partnership, they intend to install 41 photovoltaic projects in the states of Attica and Larissa worth 20.7 MWp this year. Construction has already begun and is scheduled to be completed between June and July.

A spokesperson for Neon Energy tells pv magazine that the projects will be between 300 kilowatts peak and one MW in size. They add that the equipment will come from German manufacturers.

While the investment sum was not divulged, a statement released said that Europa Profil Aluminium will invest a principal of 50 percent of the total investment amount. Meanwhile, 50 percent of the financing will come from a European financial institution, via Neon Energy. The spokesperson could not elaborate due to project confidentiality.

"Today, PV parks represent one of the most profitable investments in Greece. These investments are characterized as being both stable and sustainable, and as contributing meaningfully to the economic development of [the country]," continued the statement.

Overall, Neon Energy has photovoltaic portfolio consisting of 80 MWp worth of large-scale installations, 11.9 MWp worth of commercial rooftop installations, and 1.78 MWp of residential installations. The projects are either already completed or under construction. Elaborating the spokesperson said that a planned 100 MWp will be worked on this year in Germany, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.