UK: Solar-power potential of 500,000 homes mapped


Bluesky uses high-resolution aerial imagery and 3D modeling to ascertain the size, aspect and gradient of individual roofs. This then allows for the calculation of the potential output of a photovoltaic installation placed on the roof. Bluesky has announced a nationwide solar mapping project. It also provides mappings and calculations on request.

Given government moves to cut the feed in tariffs (FIT) in the U.K., Bluesky claims that the "accurate and independent" assessment of a property’s photovoltaic potential has become more important. "Installing solar energy panels is not about short term gains but rather a long term return on investment for both the property owner and the environment," said Bluesky’s Managing Director Rachel Tidmarsh, in a statement announcing the 500,000 roof milestone.

Potential obstructions, such as neighboring buildings or trees, are also used by Bluesky to assess a property’s photovoltaic potential. The company recently announced that it is working with environmental consultancy ADAS to map vegetation in parts of the U.K.