MiaSole hits 15.5 percent efficiency with flexible CIGS module


The California-based manufacturer achieved the 15.5 percent aperture area efficiency on a commercial size flexible module totaling 1.68 meters squared. "Along with our current capacity to deliver 14.5 percent glass modules, the NREL verification of our flexible modules highlights the progress we are continuously making against our efficiency roadmap and goal of delivering the lowest levelized cost of electricity to our customers," commented CEO, John Carrington.

At the start of March, the company secured US$ 55 million in funding, with which it aims to "aggressively" build the commercial part of its business. At the time, Carrington said MiaSole had started manufacturing modules with an efficiency of 14 percent at under $0.50 per Watt which is, he said, is the industry’s lowest capex.

Meanwhile, in a report released in April, in which GTM Research asked, "Is the window closing for thin film PV?", the company said that CIGS thin film is expected to show strong growth, and should hit four gigawatts of production in 2016. In addition to Solar Frontier, MiaSole was identified as a promising future player.