Germany: Centrosolar to install PV on 100 supermarkets


CentroPlan has said it will integrate the 100 photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of outlets of an unnamed South German discount grocery chain. Pohlen Solar, a subsidiary of Pohlen Bedachungen will undertake construction of the systems, each of which will be around 80 kilowatts peak in size.

The project is scheduled for completion in mid-2012. Overall, the supermarkets are expected to meet up to 45 percent of their electricity requirements with photovoltaics.

In a statement released, Centrosolar explained, "In future, the discount grocery chain’s branches will feed only 10 percent of the solar power they generate into the local grid, and use up to 90 percent of output directly in situ. This exceptionally high internal consumption rate is achieved because the patterns of solar power generation and power consumption by retail premises throughout the day largely tally. Future appliances, too, will run on power generated during the daytime wherever possible."