A complete management system


The new “All-in-One” concept combines PV with a lithium-ion battery, a fuel cell and an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS). The Kyocera system relies on the combination of three essential components: PV, an energy storage system and cogeneration.

The product life of the lithium-ion battery is about five times as high as conventional lead-acid batteries and has a capacity of 7.1 kWh. Electric power and heat are produced from natural gas via the installed fuel cell. The energy is also stored in the lithium-ion battery, whereas the heat is directly used for the preparation of hot water and heating support.

The Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System (SOFC-System) comprises a hot water supply unit and heating unit and achieves an efficiency of 46.5 percent. The Energy Management System regulates the energy flows between the photovoltaic plant, the lithium-ion battery, the fuel cell, and the national power grid – individually, in accordance with the generation of power and the power demand of the household.

That means that in times of peak consumption, the stored solar power is used before power from the power grid is used. In addition, the Energy Management System maintains the power supply even in the event of power outages.