Italy: €6 billion PV funding limit reached


Italian energy agency, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) announced that the limit was reached yesterday. Overall, it was said to have contributed to an installed capacity of 14.3 GW spread across more than 400,000 systems. Consequently, the new Conto Energia has been published in the Official Journal, and Italy’s authority for electricity and gas, AEEG has confirmed that it will come into play from August 27, 2012.

Over the last few months, speculation has arisen over when the limit would be reached, and the new law — approved by Ministers last week — enacted. At the last stand, it was believed that it would enter into force between September 5 and 10. Last week, New Energy Projects reported that the Italian government had only provided an additional €700 million for photovoltaics under the Conto Energia V, which must be introduced into law 30 days after the funding limit is reached. Meanwhile, the Conto Energia IV will be valid for 45 days after this ceiling is met.

The project management company added that in order to take advantage of the Conto Energia IV, plants currently under construction will need to be operational before August 27.

Major changes to the law include changes to the FIT tariffs, the removal of additional remuneration for the sale of electricity and the introduction of a register for some photovoltaic plants. Read about the changes to Italy’s photovoltaic support in more detail.