US: Walmart's 100th solar installation in California


Walmart currently has 62 MW of solar panels at its locations in the U.S. It expects a total of 1,000 solar-powered locations out of its 4,522 stores by 2020, as Bloomberg reports. Walmart also has an additional 26 fuel-cell projects.

The total combined solar efforts in California are expected to generate up to 70 million kWh of energy per year and provide 10 to 30 percent of each facility’s total energy needs.

Walmart is working with California based SolarCity and has thus generated more than 3,000 contract construction jobs in the state. SolarCity, on the other hand, has hired 1,213 employees since announcing its first Walmart projects in September 2010.

"At Walmart, we believe sustainability is about living better," said Kimberly Sentovich, Senior Vice President of the Pacific Division for Walmart. "By using one of California’s greatest resources – sunshine – and employing renewable technology with our California-based partners, we will continue developing solutions that are both good for the environment and good for business."