Inventux investors from Chile and Argentina


Inventux’s insolvency lawyer, Rolf Rattunde has revealed that two companies from Chile and Argentina have taken the German photovoltaic manufacturer over. Furthermore, Inventux is said to have previously realized their first photovoltaic plants.

"The investors are energy-intensive businesses, which also rely on renewable energy for their own consumption," said Christian Plesser, one of the managing directors of the new Inventux Solar Technologies GmbH.

They are said to be particularly interested in the company’s micromorph thin film photovoltaic technology, due to the climatic conditions and high solar radiation in Chile and Argentina.

CEO, Oliver Rothe further affirmed the manufacturing site in Berlin: "The new investor will continue production, with a minimum of 85 employees and 12 trainees, which can again be increased."

‘Made in Germany’ and ‘Made in Berlin’ are said to stand for both quality and durability and, as such, production is expected to be preserved there in the medium term. However, managing director, Roland Sillman said he could imagine that Inventux could build further capacity in South America.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Inventux will clean up its portfolio and concentrate entirely on the production of micromorph thin film modules and flat roof systems.

Translated by Becky Beetz.