Bosch to close silicon thin film works in Germany


At the end of this year, Bosch Solar Energy AG has announced it will close its 30 MW silicon thin film module plant down in Erfurt. Spokesperson for the electronics giant, Heide Traemann, told pv magazine that 130 employees will be affected by the decision.

She added that in attempt to avoid redundancies, Bosch will try to either relocate the employees internally or help them find new employers in the region. Talks are said to be currently underway with employee representatives.

In the future, Bosch has said it will concentrate on crystalline photovoltaics in Arnstadt and CIGS development in Brandenburg. The company said these business areas offer the greatest potential for the group.

The reasons attributed to the Erfurt closure are the current photovoltaic price pressures and global overcapacity. The company also referred to the photovoltaic tariff cuts recently applied to large solar parks in Germany.

Referring to recent media reports that Bosch could completely pull out of the photovoltaics industry, Traemann said production is still in full swing in Arnstadt. In line with its competitors, the company is looking to significantly reduce production costs. However, it will continue to produce and sell its modules worldwide.

Translated by Becky Beetz.