Switzerland: Meyer Burger closes Lyss PV production site


In an effort to concentrate its efforts in just 4 locations, Meyer Burger has announced its 3S Modultec and 3S Photovoltaics production lines will move from Lyss to its group headquarters in Thun, Switzerland by next March.

A spokesperson for the company told pv magazine the 130 Lyss-based employees will also be offered the chance to transfer to the new site, located around 56 km away. They added that production at Lyss was no longer viable, due to space constraints and poor infrastructure.

Currently Thun concentrates on wafering and wafer machine production. Following the move, Meyer Burger said it will create a solar technology center at the location, which focuses on both modules and wafers. The company’s other production locations are in Hohenstein-Ernstthal and Zülpich, Germany and in Colorado Springs, the U.S.

In a statement released, the company said it will also merge its 2 subsidiaries, Meyer Burger Ltd and 3S Swiss Solar Systems Ltd.

Overall, Meyer Burger is confident of the long-term prospects for photovoltaics, despite the current situation. "New photovoltaic markets in Asia, South America, in the Arabian region and also in Africa will ensure high demand-side growth in coming years," it added.