Fraunhofer plans to chart solar cell achievements


Fraunhofer states that it has been rather difficult to keep track of the latest outstanding industrial efficiency achievements and the PV Chart will fill the gap of keeping up with the myriad of information.

A collection and overview of industrially relevant cell data had already been introduced in the nineties by Heidler and Bücher and was widely believed to be beneficial. Today, it is even more important. These PV Charts will aid in not only keeping track of efficiency records but also of the results of promising, emerging technologies.

The measured cell data will be supplemented by details on cell technology at the discretion of the cell manufacturer. The PV Charts will be presented in graphical and tabular form, summarized on the website of CalLab PV Cells, and disseminated at important photovoltaic conferences.

The publication in the PV Charts will be voluntary. All certified solar cell data measured at CalLab PV Cells are eligible to be included. A questionnaire will be provided to collect proposals for the records and outstanding results to be published in the PV Charts.