Italy: GSE publishes FITs-eligible list


A total of 3,620 power plants with a total capacity of 966 MW have found their way to List A and a large portion of these still need to be developed as project planning firm, New Energy Projects states. These undeveloped sites have until September 28, 2013. 635 plants with an estimated 400 MW of capacity have already gone into generation mode and already profit from the FITs under the Conto Energia V.

Another list, List B, holds the names of the 111 plants that did not meet all the criteria under the Conto Energia V and thus do not qualify for the subsidies. Investors now have the information as to which plants will benefit from subsidies and which ones not.

The front-runners are Lombardei, Apulien, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, regions that also had high numbers of developed capacity in the past. 60% of the plants in the register are between 21 and 200 kW. Only a few are bigger than 1 MW, about 80. 18% or 646 plants are between 12 to 20 kW and another around 20% is occupied by plants between 200 kW and 1 MW.