EuPD: Independence in demand from consumers


While the rapid pace of changes within the photovoltaic industry can leave many participants’ heads spinning, so too can changes to support programs for photovoltaic consumers. In this environment, consumers’ readiness to incorporate storage into residential photovoltaic solutions is increasing.

EuPD has published photovoltaic market research this week, where 1,600 end users where surveyed to get an insight into consumer behaviors. One of the insights gleaned from the "Endcustomers in Focus – Revealing Needs for 2012 and beyond" is that 88% of potential photovoltaic customers surveyed would like to also install a storage solution. While a media statement announcing the research does not state which market was surveyed, it appears the EuPD research is focused on the German residential market.

An important finding of the research is that customers are willing to reduce yield expectations, in exchange for the greater independence afforded by the incorporation of a storage solution.

In calculating the yield of a photovoltaic and storage solution, many factors need to be incorporated, reports EuPD, which complicates the sales process. "The sale of PV systems will become more challenging and it will be up to market participants to find the right answers," notes Markus Lohr, Chief Analyst at EuPDResearch. As such, Lohr notes, the sale of a photovoltaic plus storage solution is not dissimilar to a solar thermal solution.