US on track to become world’s largest utility-scale PV market


Wiki-Solar has said that, according to its data, the U.S. is on course to become the largest utility-scale photovoltaic project market globally. Overall, it has found that the country installed 46 plants over 10 MW in size worth 1.045 GW by the end of October, and that it has 14.72 GW more in the pipeline.

In contrast, Germany – the biggest utility-scale market to date – has installed 2.262 GW across 73 plants, and has just 11 GW remaining in its development pipeline. As such, Wiki-Solar’s Philip Wolfe predicts that the U.S will overtake Germany "during the course of next year."

"Germany retained its lead by installing half a gigawatt of new utility capacity since June, but its recent tariff changes are bound to lead to a slow-down in coming months," he said.

"Meanwhile the focus is shifting to North America, where solar power is approaching grid parity; and to emerging economies like India, China and South America, The USA’s pipeline of projects in development suggests that it will overtake Germany during the course of next year."

Overall, Wiki-Solar puts Germany at the top of the utility-scale photovoltaic project rankings, followed by the U.S., Spain, Italy and China. France, Canada, India and the Ukraine are said to complete the top 10.