Martifer Solar awarded bid to build Mineirão PV plant in Brazil


The contract, awarded by Brazil’s power company Cemig, requires Martifer Solar to elaborate the plant’s executive design, acquire and install the photovoltaic modules, inverters and other BOS equipment, and provide two years of operation and maintenance. The bid was worth approximately BRL10 million (around US$4.8 million; €3.8 million).

"After analyzing the merits of appeals that were submitted [by rival bidders] we declared Martifer Solar the winner of the bidding process. We are currently in the process of signing the contract, which will open the way for a start of the project as soon as possible," Cemig’s renewable energy project manager, Alexandre Heringer Lisboa told pv magazine.

Mineirão Solar will consist of around 6,700 crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules that will cover around 70% of the dedicated area totaling 16,284 square meters. The new plant will generate around 2.3 GWh of electricity per year. Installation of the first modules is expected to start in mid-November, after roof waterproofing is completed.

"The biggest delays in this process occurred because of the nature of the auction system, as Cemig is a public company that falls under the scope of national procurement law ? 8666. The entire process was plagued by many appeals against the qualification and disqualification of bidders. All issues concerning the specification, engineering and assembly have been resolved," Lisboa explained.

The Mineirão Solar electricity sale model is still under study. "We must first define the value of the energy, which can only be calculated after the full completion of the bidding process," the Cemig official disclosed. Electricity is likely to be evacuated to the transmission grid and then sold in Brazil’s free contract environment market, known locally as Ambiente de Contratação Livre.

After the Mineirão Solar plant is installed, Cemig plans to initiate construction of the 1.1 MWp Mineirinho photovoltaic plant that will be mounted on a sports gymnasium alongside the Mineirão stadium. Mineirinho will consist of 6,200 photovoltaic modules and will generate an estimated 1.90 GWh of electricity per year.

Both projects are part of the 2014 Minas Solar Project whose aim is to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of buildings that will form the infrastructure for upcoming international football tournaments in 2013 and 2014.