Germany’s Altmaier sees benefits of PV cuts


Peter Altmaier of the Christian Democratic Union estimates that between 3.5 and 4 GW will be installed in Germany next year. "The reform is beginning to take hold," said the minister in a parliamentary speech documented by Reuters.

Already in October and November "a reasonable level" of newly installed photovoltaic plants was recorded, he said. The German federal government is aiming to achieve an annual expansion of just 3.5 GW.

In comparison, 2010 and 2011 each saw over 7 GW of photovoltaic capacity added to the German grid, and this year looks set to add around 7.5 GW.

In the summer, the government parties and federal states agreed to a reform of Germany’s solar subsidies, which saw the photovoltaic EEG (renewable energy law) backdated to April 1. However, numerous exceptions and extensions led to a sharp end-boom in ground-mounted plants in September, said Altmaier.

The federal network agency regularly publishes the photovoltaic capacity numbers. A spokesperson could not tell pv magazine, however, how many of the 980 MW added in September comes from plants that benefitted from the transitional period.

Peter Altmaier will speak at the 13th Forum Solarpraxis, tomorrow November 22 in Berlin. More information can be found on under features.

Translated by Becky Beetz.