13th Forum Solarpraxis ends on a positive note


Last Friday, the 13th Forum Solarpraxis came to a close in Berlin. There does seem to be a prespective for the future in the solar industry despite the hard times.

"It is worth it to carry on," said Karl-Heinz Remmers, the Chief Executive Officer of Solarpraxis AG. The energy economy will always be subjected to extreme regulations, but right now, the right framework for the future needs to be created.

Remmers appealed to the participants at the forum to actively participate in this discourse. Only then can the photovoltaic branch also play a role in the direction the energy politics go. At the same time, the industry also has to work on settling its own issues, which it partly brought upon itself.

Therefore it is a first step that among the approximately 700 guests, representatives of energy concerns like RWE, EON and also consumer protection advocates were also present.

Remmers highlighted that the times when everything was black and white is over. The photovoltaic sector needs a new distribution channel and for that the public utilities and energy concerns need to be more involved.

Also the storage segment is one to look out for, especially with the incentive program the German government is introducing. This could launch photovoltaics as forerunners again. "The first storage wave will come from photovoltaics," concluded Remmers at the end of the two day event.

Translated by Shamsiah Ali-Oettinger