AEG and ITM cooperate on energy storage


Five projects will initially be addressed under the agreement. The statuses range from imminent deployment to early proposal development. AEG Power Solutions’ power conversion technology will be coupled with PEM electrolysis for the first time, enabling rapid response electrolysis at a scale appropriate for grid balancing services. AEG Power Solutions has already supplied its power electronics to several power to gas installations in Germany.

Gladwyn De Vidts, Chief Strategic Officer of AEG Power Solutions states, "We are proud to cooperate with ITM Power who offer leading technology in PEM electrolysis. We are confident that the partnership will be favorable for both companies, opening new business opportunities in the future".

In September this year, ITM deployed a hydrogen station at the University of Nottingham for fuel generation on campus for fuel cell vehicles. The containerised system is based on ITM’s patented PEM electrolyser technology.