Brazil receives nearly 1 GW of new PV applications


Individual notices about each request submitted by energy developers were published by ANEEL’s superintendent of generation concessions and permits, Helvio Neves Guerra, in Brazil’s state gazette Diário Oficial da União between December 4 and 12.

Seven new photovoltaic plants are planned for the central state of Minas Gerais. The plants include: (i) 30 MW Patos de Minas solar project to be developed by developer Patos Serviços Administrativos in Patos de Minas municipality; (ii) 30 MW Tupaciguara by Salgueiro Serviços Administrativos in Tupaciguara municipality; (iii) 30 MW João Pinheiro in João Pinheiro municipality to be installed by Cajazeiras Serviços Administrativos; and (iv) 30 MW Araguari in Araguari municipality by developer Salgueiro Serviços Administrativos.

The remaining three plants planned for the region are 30 MW Caprichosa 1 and 30 MW Caprichosa 4 in Jaíba municipality by CEI Solar Empreendimentos Energéticos; and 30 MW Jaíba 1 in the same municipality by Solares Empreendimentos Energético.

Solyes Geradora de Energia submitted five requests to build photovoltaic plants in the north eastern state of Bahia. The plants include: 29 MW Sol do Sertão II; 15 MW Sol do Sertão IV; 29 MW Sol do Sertão VI; 29 MW Sol do Sertão IX; and 10 MW Sol do Sertão XIV.

Also in north eastern Brazil, Xaxado Solar Energía informed ANEEL that it wants to install 30 MW Xaxado 1, 30 MW Xaxado 2 and 30 MW Xaxado 3 in São José do Belmonte municipality in Pernambuco state.

In Piauí, another northeastern Brazilian state, Sertão Solar Energia is planning to build 30 MW Sertão 1 and 30 MW Sertão 2 in João Costa municipality, while developer Sobral Solar Energia informed ANEEL of its plans to install 30 MW Sobral 1 and 30 MW Sobral 2 in São João do Piauí municipality.

The remaining two applications were received from Araguaina Serviços Administrativos, which wants to develop 30 MW Iguatu in a municipality of the same name in Ceará state, while Universo Serviços Administrativos applied to build 30 MW Uruaçu in the state of Goiás.