EGP commissions 19 PV plants in Greece


Overall, EGP says it has a cumulative installed capacity of almost 290 MW in Greece. Four of the recently commissioned plants are located in Macedonia: Florina Yatsovo (1.5 MW), Helios (6 MW), Axiochori (6.25 MW), and Vavdos (1.37 MW).

A further four plants were placed into service in Thrace (Advira-Pezoula: 2.8 MW, Karidia: 3.3 MW, Pezouliotika: 3.5 MW, and Herodasos: 4 MW). Two are located in southern Greece (Farsala III: 0.92 MW and Ekta: 2 MW), two in Thessaly (Gephyria I and Gephyria II: 3.54 MW) and one in Elide (Stroussi: 6.43 MW).

EGP and Sharp commissioned another six plants worth 15 MW in Eprius (Zitza: 2 MW), Thrace (Iasmos, Polysitos I and II, Sounio: 9.8 MW), and western Macedonia (Kryoneri: 3.5 MW). The coming online of these plants brings ESSE’s cumulative capacity to 38 MW.

As of December, Greece reported a total installed photovoltaic capacity of 1.12 GW.