Germany: Altmaier lays out timetable for EEG changes


"In the coming days I will present a coordinated government position with the Economy Ministry," stated Peter Atmaier in an interview with German newspaper, the Bild. He then wants to discuss the concept with the Environment and Energy Ministers of the federal states on February 14.

Altmaier added that the plans should then be coordinated with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel on March 21. "I am very confident that this can be achieved," he continued.

Rösler has, however, renewed his criticism of Altmaier’s proposals, stating that they do not get to the root of the problem. The Free Democratic Party leader and Economy Minister is still looking to achieve a comprehensive reform of the EEG, however. Altmaier’s plans were not overcome on misdirected incentives.

The Liberals have already proposed a few weeks ago to counteract the higher electricity prices by reducing the electricity tax. Now Rösler has offered: "We will also help with particular proposals, when Altmaier has concrete ideas."

Responding to Rösler’s offer, Altmaier stated, "Any proposal contributing to the success of my project is welcome. Everyone must be onboard, including the states, the opposition and of course the coalition partner. The energy revolution is a national effort that we can only fight if we all bring [ideas] to the table."

Translated by Becky Beetz.