REC selects centrotherm systems for Singapore plant


REC had already integrated centrotherm’s diffusion technology into one of its production lines and, reflecting on the success of that integration, decided to implement and upgrade all remaining production lines at its Asian sites.

With its 5-chamber diffusion furnace, centrotherm photovoltaics was able to win against its competitors for this contract. Centrotherm offers tools like the diffusion furnaces and a high-throughput horizontal furnace under its key equipment range.

The 5-chamber diffusion furnace is said to offer impressive phosphorus diffusion capabilities, and enable reliable implementation of higher resistance emitters on a low-cost basis according to the company. The throughput-optimized tube furnace is purposely designed to meet the stringent demands of mass solar cell production, as the company additionally stated.

Overall, REC is targeting 850 MW of solar module production this year to meet expected demand increases, particularly from Japan and the rest of Asia.