UK: Conergy supplies modules to 15 MW of PV projects


Two of the photovoltaic plants are located in Somerset (5.8 MW and 2.2 MW), one in Devon (4 MW) and one in Buckinghamshire (3.3 MW). When complete, they are expected to generate around 14,000 MWh of energy annually for approximately 4,000 households.

Based on the two renewable obligations certificates (ROCs) received for each MWh generated, the four photovoltaic projects are expected to obtain around 28,000 certificates worth £1.1 million (around €1.3 million). Money will additionally be generated through PPAs.

No further project details were released.

"We expect the UK market to grow by 13% per annum with 1.1 gigawatts installed by the end of this year, rising to 1.3 gigawatts a year in 2015," stated Robert Goss, MD of Conergy UK and Ireland. He added, "Given the incentive structure, solar farms have a significant role to play here, but large and small rooftop installations will also increase, driven by rising gas prices and the cost and time required to build new gas or nuclear plants."

Conergy and Solaer have worked together previously on around 40 MW worth of photovoltaic projects, including a 5 MW plant in Cornwall.