Utility-scale battery storage to top 25 GW in Asia Pacific in 2022


Japan, South Korea and Australia will drive development of advanced energy storage solutions, prompted by their adoption of smart grids and microgrid energy delivery models.

With sodium sulfur batteries the most common option at the moment, the diverse nature of investment in energy storage technologies in the region will also see the adoption of advanced lith-ion, flow, lead acid and sodium metal halide batteries, say the report’s authors.

The Energy Storage in Asia Pacific report predicts 6.4 GW of energy storage will be added in the region in 2022, to reach the cumulative 25.1 GW figure, with China driving investment in utility-scale battery storage, although for bulk storage, pumped hydro will still be a major factor.

The report predicts that the adoption of such technologies in the pioneer economies will open up emerging markets such as India.