Pakistan and CK Solar Korea to develop 300 MW park


The news was disclosed by provincial energy secretary, Fuad Hashim Rabbani while talking to local media on Saturday.

Rabbani said the project will cost around US$900 million and will be completed by 2016. The energy secretary also said that local government has leased 1,500 acres of land in the towns of Khuchlak and Pishin, where the PV project will be built.

The project will bring relief to the province which, like the rest of the country, is suffering from a shortage of electricity.

Balochstan is Pakistan‘s largest geographical province and, while rich in natural resources, it remains highly underdeveloped. The 300 MW PV park is expected to bring power to areas where there is no conventional electricity option and local communities rely on dangerous kerosene lamps.

Medical facilities such as hospitals and basic health units, Rabbani said, will be among those benefiting from electricity generated by the solar park.

Rabbani added that work on Loralai-DG Khan 220 KV and Dadu-Khuzdar 220 KV power supply lines will also be completed next year minimizing load-shedding in the province.