Germany: €970 million surplus for EEG levy in March


According to Germany’s four biggest grid operators 50 Hertz, Amprion, Tennet and Transnet BW, the debt level of the EEG levy has sunk significantly in the last months.

Last March the EEG account received a record surplus of around €970 million. In February around €840 million was added, while in January €420 million was the figure. Hence the total account balance is rapidly moving closer to positive figures. If this upward trend continues, the account could break even as soon as next month.

During the course of 2012, the EEG levy had been registering negative figures and slipping deeper into the red. Although the monthly balance was still positive in the first quarter, from May onwards its expenditure was higher than its revenues. The highest debt level was recorded in October of 2012, when the negative figures reached a peak of €3 billion.

Translated by Vera von Kreutzbruck