Israel: Hydrogen-bromine flow battery goes online


The HBr flow battery technology is said to provide higher cycle life and have a higher energy density compared to conventional batteries offered on the market today.

The operational multi-stack full system has been placed through extensive testing and has proved stable operations for over 10,000 cycles. The proprietary conversion stacks have also demonstrated over three times the power densities compared to other batteries. The chemical material costs are drastically reduced by as much as 95% when compared as abundant materials are utilized.

Storage solutions developer EnStorage’s president, Arnon Blum states that this is a major milestone towards larger capacity products. "With the 50kW system, we have refined our ability to manage multiple battery stacks which is key to providing a modular and cost effective storage system for our customers," he adds.

Blum believes that major issues facing the energy sector can be tackled by making storage simple and affordable. The next project for EnStorage is a 150kW, 6-hour commercial storage unit.