Euro PV companies petition EC over Chinese module tariffs


The signatories to the open letter sent to European trade commissioner Karel De Gucht say any benefits enjoyed by European manufacturers struggling to compete on price with Chinese imports would be hugely outweighed by the negative effects of artificially forcing up the price of imported panels.

"There would be no winners, only losers at the detriment of the entire EU solar industry," said Wouter Vermeersch, CEO of the Belgian company Cleantec Trade and one of the letter’s signatories. "Tariffs on solar products and their components are bad for the entire European solar industry since they would lead to price increases and significantly dampen demand."

The letter’s 1,024 signatories echo calls to remove solar trade barriers made by the Alliance for Affordable Solar Energy (AFASE) which represents 350 European solar companies which employ 35,000 workers.