International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance established


Under the leadership of Markus A.W. Hoehner, CEO of EuPD Research and Bryan D. Ekus, managing director of IPVEA (International PV Equipment Association), the first alliance for battery and storage solution providers in the PV branch has been formed.

Members of the International Battery and Energy Storage Alliance or IBESA for short, will create access to professional resources, market intelligence, new networks, and emerging markets. More than 70 IPVEA members will benefit from this partnership with immediate effect.

"A strong, industry-wide alliance of global players like the IBESA is crucial in order to unify the fragmented electrical energy storage and smart grid markets, as well as to prepare and sustainably position them for the future," stated Hoehner.

The solar energy storage market is one that is growing and policies are being formed in countries like Germany to support it. Additionally the PV storage market is also projected to hit $19 million in 2017, driven by such support.

IBESA aims to promote both PV and its associated storage market to provide benefits to member companies. IPVEA’s Ekus added, "The international alliance is based on cooperation between various branches and the exchange between IPVEA and new IBESA members."

The alliance is also supported by the German CleanTech Institute (DCTI, the networking initiative Joint Forces for Solar and Intersolar.