Partnership to see 100 MW of PV capacity added in Puerto Rico


The partnership, named AG Solar One, is owned 50/50 by both companies. The generated energy is expected to be sold to Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority under a power purchase and operating agreement.

Alterra Power Corp. currently operates six power plants totaling 566 MW. Its main projects are a wind farm and a hydro plant in north-east British Columbia, two geothermal plants in south-west Iceland and a geothermal plant in Nevada (U.S.).

Hinting at further cooperation, Alterra CEO John Carson commented, "The partnership may pursue other projects together as well, which will bolster Alterra’s external growth plans and complement its internal growth projects such as the JimmieCreek hydro plant."

Greenbriar’s CEO Jeff Ciachurski added, "Alterra’s experience of owning and operating wind, solar, hydro and geothermal makes the partnership with Greenbriar a fully integrated renewable technology platform."

No further details including on project investment or construction timelines were revealed.