$7m for clean energy on US tribal lands


In a statement announcing the launch of two funds for tribal land clean energy projects, the Energy Department claimed the 2% of land which belongs to native American peoples has the potential to provide 5% of the U.S.’ renewable energy resources.

According to Energy Department figures, that means U.S. tribal lands have the potential to generate more than 9 TW of energy from renewables, including solar.

Having already spent $41.8 million on 175 clean energy projects across the nation, the Energy Department is providing a further $4.5 million through its Community Scale Clean Energy Projects in Indian Country scheme and a further $2.5 million through the Tribal Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Deployment Assistance program.

The former applies to new and existing tribal structures and is available for projects which reduce fossil fuel use by up to 15%, with a minimum 50 kW threshold for power generation projects.

The deadline for funding applications in this scheme is June 27, 2013.

The second funding pot applies only to existing tribal buildings and must reduce fossil fuel use by at least 30% with a minimum 10 kW requirement for power generation. The deadline for applications to that program is June 20.