A black solar module with green credentials


The new DesignBlack module is available with power ratings between 240 and 250 Wp. The antireflective glass guarantees a higher yield as the company states, while a temperature coefficient of minus 0.38% per Kelvin ensures that the module retains its level of performance even in high ambient temperatures, making it more suitable for use in warm countries than many other modules. The module has a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty. The company is also very proud of the fact that the module has green credentials. The carbon footprint of Innotech’s modules is more than 70% below that of conventional European modules. The company’s in-house research teams have developed a process that economically restores the performance of low-efficiency solar cells to their full capacity by using thermal imaging to detect low-performing cell areas and automatically isolating them with special lasers.