Suited for solar facades


With the use of this EVA laminating in the production process, the laminated glass complies with the requirements necessary: durability according to DIN EN 12543-4, pendulum test according to DIN EN 12600 and ball drop test according DIN EN 14449. The laminating films from Folienwerk Wolfen can therefore now be used in building-integrated photovoltaic systems as an alternative to PVB (Polyvinyl butyral). Compared to conventional laminating material, EVA film excels with very good processability and reduced water absorption. Regarding architecture, the specially designed EVA laminating film allows stabilisation of glass panes, which is required for safety glass and laminated glass for decorative purposes. With high mechanical stability, high humidity and heat resistance as well as a large application field, the film is suitable for temperature-sensitive interlayers. The company states that thanks to the excellent melting and embedding properties, handling and processing of the film is very easy.