Three modules highlighted


The AC Unison PM245PA2 with monitoring system is on offer for the Australian and Italian markets at the moment from May onwards. The multicrystalline module comes with a microinverter. There is an embedded trunk cable design that is said to save up to 60% cabling usage cost. The 180 degree rotation cable design can also fit in all directions with a multiple array installation. The next module is the P monocrystalline module GreenTriplex PM250M01. It is already available on the market. A new generation that has passed the flammability test and the ammonia corrosion test will be released in third quarter this year. The third is the N monocrystalline module, the SunForte PM318B01. It is available in Europe and the Asia Pacific, with the exclusion of Australia and Japan. The new generation will also be released in the third quarter. The back contact cells allow more light conversion space as there are no strings on the front side. The option with integrated BIPV racks is also available. BenQ Solar will also introduce their Smart Home Energy Storage system at the Intersolar.