K Road Power axes Calico solar project in California


The Calico project was a gargantuan project from the start with previous owners Tessera allocating an area larger than 8,000 acres for installation of the company’s parabolic mirrors, the "Suncatchers". In October 2010 the Calico project was reduced to 663.5 MW. Calico was then sold to K Road Power in December 2010 who made attempts to redesign the project and incorporate PV.

The Calico project was sued in March 2012 by environmental groups. The 4,000 odd acres project located in the Mojave Desert had already been heavily under fire by environmental groups with the argument that it does not meet the basic environmental protection requirements and threatened imperiled wildlife.

K Road Power has merely stated "changed market conditions" as the reason for canceling the massive solar project. It submitted its withdrawal petition to the California Energy Commission on June 20 asking for an immediate termination of the license.