PPA for Rwanda's first grid scale solar park


The government of Rwanda has signed a PPA for the country’s first grid level solar park.

The 8.5 MW solar project at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwamagana district is claimed to be the first such grid scale solar development in east Africa.

The US$23 million project will be designed, financed, maintained and operated by the founders of the Israel-headquartered Arava Power Company through their GigaWatt Global Rwanda Limited company and with a feasibility study already completed, the solar park is set to be operational by June.

No further details of the PPA were revealed in yesterday’s announcement by the Rwandan government.

Rwanda is aiming to reach 563 MW of electricity generation by June 2018 under the second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS2), adopted by the government this month.

The Rwamagana scheme is the first contribution of solar to the energy target with the EDPRS2 mentioning only geothermal, hydro, peat and methane as energy sources and with the Kigali government having signed off on a 100 MW, $371 million peat-to-power plant earlier this month with Indian geothermal, nuclear and coal company Punj Lloyd Ltd.