JinkoSolar, Sentinel Solar raise 2.3 MW rooftop array in Ontario


JinkoSolar and Sentinel Solar teamed up on a 2.3 MW rooftop project for Ontario Greenhouse operator Vine Fresh Produce. One of the largest rooftop setups in Canada, the project was commissioned under Ontario’s feed-in tariff plan.

Sentinel Solar installed the system on a rooftop covering approximately 400,000 square meters. It comprises 9,294 JinkoSolar modules, customized racking designed and manufactured by Sentinel Solar and Enphase M215 microinverters.

According to Sentinal Solar, not only is the Vine Fresh Produce Project the largest Enphase microinverter installation in the world, but also the largest rooftop array in Ontario under the province’s FIT program.

The system is expected to produce 2,540,000 kWh annually, enough to power approximately 150 homes. The solar array is expected to offset approximately 11,200 tons of CO2 annually and assist Ontario in achieving its goal to phase out coal power by 2014.

"We strongly believe that solar has the potential of becoming a cost-effective energy solution and hope that this innovative solar installation will further encourage the adoption of solar in Ontario and throughout Canada," said Sentinel Solar President Adam Webb.

"By combining JinkoSolar’s high efficiency solar panels and Sentinel Solar’s innovative project development plans, we were able ensure that Vine Fresh Produce’s greenhouse receives the maximum power output from their solar installation,” added JinkoSolar CEO Cheng Kangping.

"The Province of Ontario is not only at the forefront of solar development, but is also well positioned to lead Canada in the adoption of solar power."