Three solar farms for West Virginia


Two U.S. firms have signed a deal to develop three solar farms in West Virginia which could boast a capacity of up to 40 MW.

New York-based Solar Thin Films on Friday signed a contract worth US$124 million-$160 million to supply, design and build the three projects for Arizona-based Tri-State Solar/Wind Energy.

A press release from Filing Services Canada on Friday reported Solar Thin Films has offered to help negotiate PPAs and Tri-State is preparing the three sites and securing financing.

A solar farm on Muddy Creek Road, in Alderson, will generate 15-20 MW and sites at Sam Black Church Road in Crawley, and Wolf Creek Road in Fayetteville, will each generate 8-10 MW.

The report states work is expected to begin by the end of the year and be complete within 18 months.