Peru to launch off-grid request for tender


Peru’s mining and energy supervisory agency Osinergmin has published an international public call inviting companies to take part in an auction for the construction of photovoltaic solar energy systems to 500,000 users in off-grid regions of the country.

In the September 12 announcement, the regulator said it wanted to see up to 500,000 PV systems installed with an initial minimal delivery of 150,000 PV arrays and a follow-up delivery of up to 350,000 PV installations in successive deadlines starting in July 2014. The systems will be installed in the coastal, forest and mountainous regions of Peru and electricity services will be provided for a period of 15 years.

The successful bidder is expected to supply the PV systems to a minimum of 55,000 homes, 1,200 schools and 280 health centers in northern Peru; 57,000 homes, 650 schools and 175 health centers in central Peru; and 47,000 homes, 410 schools and 175 health centers in southern Peru.

Osinergmin will start the sale of tender dossiers for US$1,000 on September 20 from its Lima office. The registration of participants in the auction is due to start on September 21, while the presentation of technical qualifications and binding bids is due January 30, 2014.