XsunX introduces new solar power project development services


California-based XsunX has announced that it is to expand its business offering by moving into the solar power project development market.

According to XsunX’s CEO Tom Djokovich, the expansion was triggered by an intention to explore the further revenue opportunities and potential that exist in solar power systems development.

"Our business expansion into solar power project development and construction services received the necessary California state licensing this week," said Djokovich. "The approved license is the last milestone necessary for us to initiate this new program and publicly market these services. We are very hopeful about closing solar project deals soon."

XsunX’s market research concluded that the solar industry as a whole has not fully explored the potential of solar power development and installation, believing that their experience makes them a ’natural fit‘ for the industry, which could benefit from XsunX’s knowledge in solar technology, construction and project development.

Discussions have already been held with numerous commercial interests, with XsunX having already reviewed nearly 750 kW of potential solar power system projects locally.

"Now that we are licensed we can work towards closing these deals and turning our new business development efforts into a success," added Djokovich.