OXIS Energy collaborating with Proinso on new solar storage system


British energy firm OXIS Energy has this week announced that it is to collaborate with Proinso on the development of a prototype PV battery system it claims could help solve one of solar power’s perennial problems – storage.

The two companies have begun work on a prototype system that is scheduled for commercial roll-out this year. Both Proinso and OXIS claim that their new storage system will provide a more environmentally acceptable and cost-effective solution than either current PV storage systems, or alternative energy sources such as wind power.

"The advantage of OXIS’s technology is that it is safe and lightweight," said OXIS Energy CEO Huw Hampson-Jones. "It lends itself to developing a modular structure in the deployment of energy storage systems. Bearing in mind the poor investment structure in the wind turbine sector, there is a compelling case for concentrating on solar."

OXIS has worked with the development of lithium sulfur battery technology since the company was founded in 2005. Its Polymer Lithium Sulfur cells for the battery systems of electric vehicles have been granted 51 patents, with a further 30 pending. In the solar realm, the level of advanced materials being used in R&D has necessitated the support of a larger, global company.

For Proinso U.K.’s general manager Mark Randall, the prototype is an opportunity to deliver safe, reliable and affordable storage for the solar industry. "As a global solar company, Proinso has witnessed solar plants matching, and increasingly bettering, the cost of energy from other technologies in ever more regions. However, growth has been restricted by the need for safe, reliable and cost-effective storage," he said.

Proinso believe that the prototype they have developed with OXIS will allow the company to meet storage challenges posed by some of the world’s most testing environments, effectively integrating scalable storage solutions in even the most competitive energy markets.