ReneSola expands solar presence in Japan and UK


China’s ReneSola has recently revealed ambitious plans to expand its solar presence in both the U.K. and Japan, having announced it is to supply 13 MW of solar modules to a solar park in England and partner with Japanese trading company Vitec Co. to manufacture solar panels in Japan.

In the U.K., the global solar PV technology provider will supply its high-efficiency Virtus and Virtus II polycrystalline solar modules to Low Carbon – a British investor in renewable energy projects. Low Carbon is project-managing the creation of a 13 MW ground-mounted PV park in the southern English county of Wiltshire.

Delivery of the modules will come via ReneSola’s Indian and Polish warehouses, and they will arrive in full over the course of the next five weeks. U.K. energy regulator Ofgem estimates that once fully operational, the Wiltshire solar park will generate enough clean energy annually to power 3,800 local households.

"A key aspect of all Low Carbon’s solar park investments is to ensure that high-quality equipment is used to maintain our drive for efficiency," said Low Carbon’s chief investment officer, John Cole. "We look forward to working with ReneSola on the Wiltshire project."

Ian Glover, ReneSola U.K. general manager, said that the company is excited to have been chosen to supply its polycrystalline modules to the solar park, adding: "We are confident that our high-quality solar products will benefit this solar park project, local homeowners, and the environment. Our office in the U.K. and further investment in research and development will better meet energy needs in the country, which we expect will become the largest solar market in Europe."

Big(ger) in Japan

Meanwhile, ReneSola has begun further expansion of solar markets closer to home. This week the company announced it is to collaborate with Japanese semiconductor specialists Vitec Co. to begin making solar panels in Japan.

The partnership comes after some Japanese municipalities introduced domestic content requirement rules for its solar PV projects, prompting ReneSola to join with Vitec to manufacture their products in the country.

The venture will see Vitec hold a 51% share, with ReneSola joining Hiroshima-based solar panel and semiconductor maker Sun-s Co. in holding the remaining 49%. According to Vitec official Hiroma Fujita, the manufacturing plant will boast a production capacity of 80 MW per year, and adds to Vitec’s six solar power stations in Japan.

In January, ReneSola announced that it had secured its biggest ever order in Japan – a contract to supply 420 MW of solar equipment for a PV project the mountain regions of Japan. "ReneSola’s Virtus II 300 W 72-cell high-efficiency polycrystalline PV panels will be installed in over ten ground-mounted power plants in the project, and will provide power to the surrounding residential homes," said a ReneSola press statement.

ReneSola’s CEO, Xianshou Li, added: "We are pleased that this project enables us to grow our presence in Japan, one of our target markets.

"Our local sales office is supporting our growth amid the increasing demand for solar products in Japan. ReneSola is committed to producing high-quality cost-competitive products, and we will continue to expand our presence in new markets in the coming years."