SolarWorld signs supply agreement with US solar company PetersenDean


SolarWorld has agreed to supply U.S. roofing and solar company PetersenDean with high-performance solar panels manufactured at the group’s main factory in Hillsboro, Oregon, for PetersenDean residential installations beginning this month.

The companies said the partnership was a key element of Solar4America, PetersenDean’s initiative to source solar panels and all system components from domestic producers in an effort to support American jobs, manufacturing and energy independence.

Along with SolarWorld solar panels, each PetersenDean solar system includes Buy-American-Act-compliant inverters and racking installed by the construction company’s U.S. workforce.

"We made a decision at PetersenDean to only source our products from North America," said Jim Petersen, founder of PetersenDean. "As a result, we are supporting the American economy, supporting the American worker and reinvesting those dollars back in America."

Petersen added that the campaign was also about lowering electric bills and "creating our own energy policy."

Underscoring industry forecasts of a 50 percent increase among U.S. residential solar installations this year, PetersenDean said it had recently announced plans to expand its business into five new state markets and hire 4,000 additional workers. With the expansion, the company expects to install more than 200,000 roofs and solar systems in 2014, double its mark in 2013.

Similarly, SolarWorld released a report in March detailing how the company’s purchasing activities have injected more than $1.46 billion into the U.S. economy since 2008.