Eguana to deliver Sonnenbatterie storage systems to global markets


Canadian company Eguana Technologies is partnering with Sonnenbatterie to distribute the German company’s smart energy storage systems around the world.

Under a new supply agreement, Eguana, which focuses on high performance power electronics for smart grid energy storage, will manufacture for Sonnenbatterie a fully integrated electronics enclosure that meets smart grid standards for all the leading residential energy storage markets.

In addition to its patented Bi-Direx power inverter, Eguana said it would integrate additional functionality that is currently sourced by Sonnenbatterie from outside suppliers to enable a less complex, highly scalable platform that can be easily assembled close to local demand.

The deal also amend the company’s existing supply and license agreements to include U.S. residential applications in addition to European markets currently served by Sonnenbatterie. Eguana has already shipped more than 1,000 Bi-Direx units to Sonnenbatterie since entering signing their first supply deal last year.

Sonnenbatterie is a leading supplier of lithium-based energy storage systems in Germany, where it enjoys a 50% market share in the country’s rapidly growing home solar energy management market, according to EUPD Research.

EUPD Research predicts that the German market for solar energy lifestyle solutions will grow from an estimated 6,000 units in 2013 to 100,000 units per year by 2018.

"In our opinion Eguana has the most advanced smart grid energy storage inverter in the market, and an exceptionally strong power electronics and operations team,” said Sonnenbatterie CEO Christoph Ostermann. "We are going to continue to work with Eguana to explore ways to expand our unique partnership."

Eguana’s Bi-Direx product has emerged as one of the leading smart grid energy storage inverter in the world for non-utility residential and commercial energy storage. Bi-Direx, is also a key enabler of lower cost larger cell battery technologies for non-utility scale applications and micro-grids, and is currently in product trials with multiple leading U.S. developers and battery manufacturers.

Eguana said its patented technology and its proprietary control strategy would allow Sonnenbatterie to move easily to other battery technologies to suit specific applications, and maintain its market leadership.

"We are very excited about being part of the Sonnenbatterie story," said Eguana CEO Michael Carten. "This collaboration will drive lower costs, better operating efficiencies, and will accelerate time to market for new products to meet the specialized requirements of each local market. The agreement levers our core competencies in power electronics and supply chain management to increase top line revenue and margin per unit sale. We are continuing to explore mechanisms to drive greater value for both parties from this partnership."