CSUN, Zep Solar sign licensing deal


PV cell and module manufacturer China Sunergy (CSUN) has signed a licensing agreement with California-based PV mounting systems specialist Zep Solar.

CSUN said it expected Zep’s module-integrated installation hardware "to deliver significant reductions on total system costs," describing the system as "one of the quickest ways to install PV modules on residential as well as commercial and industrial roof-tops."

CSUN is incorporating the patent-protected Zep Groove into the frame design of its major mono and polycrystalline module types. The agreement covers all of CSUN’s three production sites in Nanjing and Shanghai in China and in Istanbul, Turkey, allowing for maximum flexibility in terms of delivery of Zep-Compatible PV modules to the U.S.

"With CSUN tackling the U.S. market, licensing the Zep Solar technology is a major development for us," said William Sheng, CSUN’s vice president of sales. Noting that the Zep-Compatible technology was widespread in the U.S., Sheng said the agreement made it possible to easily adopt CSUN’s modules in the growing U.S. market.

Zep Solar CEO Mike Miskovsky added, "Our agreement with CSUN represents another important milestone in the rapidly-growing market reach of the Zep-Compatible platform and enhances our ability to provide a global customer base with the industry’s most efficient, cost-effective, safe and aesthetic solar mounting solutions."

California solar company SolarCity acquired Zep Solar in December for $158 million.