Wavelabs acquires Fraunhofer CSP as customer


Wavelabs Solar Metrology Systems GmbH has announced this week that it has supplied its SINUS-220 solar simulator to Germany’s Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP).

The renowned solar research institute intends to employ the SINUS-220 solar simulator in its latest solar technology analysis, utilizing the tool to simulate the sun under laboratory conditions.

"For a proper analysis that ensures equivalency with other measurements, not only must we be able to simulate the sun with precision, we also need to be able to modify the spectrum emitted," said Fraunhofer CSP diagnostics team lead, Christian Hagendorf. "This way, with the SINUS-220, we can be sure we are getting an accurate measurement."

Another Fraunhofer researcher, Marko Turek, explained that his team’s evaluation of electrical characteristics of PV cells involves the examination of correlations between material quality and efficiency, as well as hot spot resistance – something the LED technology developed for the SINUS-220 allows for. "We can adjust the exposure time as required, which is a huge advantage over conventional flash-based measurement systems," said Turek.

The LEDs used in the SINUS-220 also allow for wide variables of intensities, which enables Fraunhofer’s researchers to perform with greater speed and precision a number of complex measurements that, according to Turek, are key to generating Fraunhofer’s research findings.

Wavelabs’ SINUS-220 uses 21 different colors of LED – a combination that delivers near-perfect sunlight simulation, eliminating the risk of inaccurate efficiency measurements. The company claim that the product deviates only 2% from the standard, thus helping customers lower operating costs, speed up their testing schedules and optimize cell pricing.

"Acquiring the Fraunhofer Institute, one of the most important research institutions in the world, as a customer is a major accolade for us," said Wavelabs CEO Torsten Brammer. "Fraunhofer CSP is known for setting exceptionally high standards for precision. That is why we see this deal as a reaffirmation of our ability to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the market with our product quality and innovations."