Trina Solar strikes 60 MW module supply deal with China's Xinyi Solar


Trina Solar has today announced that it will supply 60 MW of PV modules to one of the world’s largest solar PV glass manufacturers for installation in a number of utility-scale PV plants and agricultural greenhouse solar projects in China.

The deal with Xinyi Solar includes the supply of 25 MW of Trina’s state-of-the-art dual glass TSM-PDG5 modules, which are to be used as roof bracing pieces for Xinyi’s agriculture greenhouse located at its solar power plant in Anhui province, China.

The dual glass modules differ from normal modules in the way they provide the appropriate transmittance of sunlight, providing stable temperature maintenance for a greenhouse and resistant to the use of pesticides within.

These PDG5 modules are frameless and comprise two layers of 2.5 mm heat-strengthened glass. The extra glass provides UL Fire Class Safety A assurance, and also reduces the risk of micro-cracking, potential induced degradation (PID), module warping, UV aging and corrosion from weather phenomenon.

Xinyi Solar has also purchased 5 MW of Trina Solar’s TSM-PC05A modules, and 30 MW of the company’s TSM-PC14 modules, for installation in their new solar park. Delivery of all modules is scheduled to be completed by August 2014.

"We are pleased to be working with our long-term strategic partner Xinyi Solar to support its continuing solar project development in China," said Trina Solar module business unit president, Zhigou Zhu.

Launched in 2013, the PDG5 module has proven quite successful for the company, due in large parts to its 30-year warranty and reliable performance under stressful environmental conditions.

"We chose to partner with Trina Solar because we believe that their high quality dual glass solar modules are the best fit for our project needs out of the products currently available on the market for our particular project," added Xinyi Solar CEO Wesley Lee.