Chinese group looking for partners to develop solar projects in Russia


Chinese power equipment manufacturer Amur Sirius, which recently submitted the largest bid to build 220 MW of PV plants in Russia, has announced plans to establish solar farms in the country’s Samara, Volgograd and Stavropol regions and to set up a PV panel manufacturing plant in Russia with an annual capacity of at least 100 MW by 2016.

The company’s bid was part of the first stage of Russia’s tender for construction of renewable energy facilities in the country in the period from 2015 to 2018.

According to Mikhail Molchanov, general director of Solar Systems, Amur’s subsidiary in Russia, the company is currently looking for financial and technology development partners, both in the domestic market and in the European Union.

Meanwhile, representatives from other auction winners, in particular local players Solar Energy and Avelar Energy Group, which submitted bids for 160 MW and for 190 MW, respectively, have also announced plans for the rollout of their projects.

Avelar Energy said production of the solar modules it will use on its projects will be produced by Hevel Solar, a joint venture of Russian groups Renova and Rusnano.

Analysts at the Russian Association of Renewables have said that the main goal for the winners of the tenders was establishing new markets for their products, with immediate profit playing a less important role in their overall expansion plans.