Solar-Fabrik AG takes over Centrosolar fab in Germany


German PV group Solar-Fabrik AG will take over a manufacturing facility formerly owned by Centrosolar’s insolvent Sonnenstromfabrik GmbH in the German city of Wismar on August 1.

Solar-Fabrik will continue module production at the Fab 2 site using the plant’s existing equipment. At the same time, the fab’s 143 employees of the insolvent company will receive new employment.

A Solar-Fabrik subsidiary managed by Solar-Fabrik VP Finance Joern Wirth will oversee operations at the Wismar fab. Ralf Hennigs, Sonnenstromfabrik’s former managing director, will join Wirth at the company’s helm on August 1.

The Solar-Fabrik subsidiary has signed rent and lease agreements with the investors who acquired all of Sonnenstromfabrik’s tangible assets, allowing the continuation of production at the Fab 2 premises. The company has also signed a purchase agreement with Sonnenstromfabrik insolvency administrator Gideon Boehm to take over the company’s 143 employees as well as the then current inventory on the transition date of August 1 as part of an asset deal.

The agreement allows a smooth transition of the factory from insolvency back to normal operation, including processing of orders at hand. With an initial investment of approximately €300,000 plus the current inventory on August 1, Solar-Fabrik will increase its production capacityto more than 300 MW a year through its combined operations in Freiburg and Weimar. The deal also gives Solar-Fabrik the right to manufacture all of Centrosolar’s original module types.